Gender Energy 101

In layman's terms, stuff is either girly or manly. It's what our gaydar is made of.

Have you ever wondered how girlness and manliness came about from our ancestral times?


Forget about appearances for a moment

Which style of shopping do you find yourself engaging in most of the time? Which one feels girlier to you? Which one seems more manly?

Why do you think we naturally make these assessments?


Scenario 1

Which one is showing masculine energy?


Scenario 2

Which one is showing feminine energy?

Now close your eyes and imagine... living in the wilderness in tribes of about 100 people or less. You have no fridge, no washing machines, no phones, no Internet, no vehicles or any other modern conveniences.

You need to have food to eat every day. Some people need to gather crops and others need to band together to hunt. Now if you're pregnant and carrying children, it makes sense not to go hunting, and since you're not the strongest beast in the woods, it also makes logical sense to stay in a larger group to fend off predators.

The smaller group goes hunting because it makes sense to be as quiet as possible for success.

Now what behaviours and mannerisms would be beneficial for survival in each group?

Think back to the shopping.

Would it makes sense for a hunter to browse around and wander everywhere looking for whatever attracts their eye? Or would it make sense that a gatherer would have more success if they did that?

Would it make sense for a gatherer to get one crop and stop and go back to camp? Or would it make more sense for that person to wander more and memorize all the details of where is the best place to find nuts, berries, fruit and a hundred other edible items and share that knowledge with all their co-workers? What would happen to the gatherer who wasn't chatty and didn't share that information? Would the tribe be endangered if they lost that individual?

Both feminine energy and masculine energy remain in our DNA today because they helped us survive as a species. Every person is born with a ratio of both because each energy is useful depending on the context. Gatherers carried the weight of 70-80% of the daily meals because hunting is an incredibly risky endeavour. So when the hunters did come back successful, everyone celebrated. The task of hunting requires focus and an temporary suspension of empathetic emotion. Thus it makes sense that masculine energy is more aggressive, direct and cold.

I mean, would you send out a fun and animal-loving sweetheart to hunt? It would wreak them emotionally.

But if everyone was emotionally stunted, we would end up with a society of Doomsday beasts, and that's not a very nice feeling to come home to.

We need manly people. We also need girly people. Life is better when we focus on the strength that both bring to the dining table.