Nothing screams romance like the Greek myth of Eros and Psyche, or the Roman Cupid and the girl he takes as his bride. However, we all know couples in real life who can be described as non-traditional. They might be reverse energy couples, where the woman leads and the man follows, or queer couples or couples with differently-abled partners or couples of mixed cultural heritage. Achiru et al. Studios seeks to explore all the different ways that we can retell the same love story and find out what each version has to teach us about partner compatibility, romantic attraction, healthy communication, intimate connection and how love really works.

We invite you to share your story experiment.



Resolving conflict helps us grow. The basic story events of the myth can be summarized as:

"One person falls in love and weds another person, who breaks a vow to that keeps them together. This breech of promise dissolves the trust of the now ex-spouse, causing the fall out. The person who made the error then takes dire actions to restore the faith and trust of the ex-spouse in hopes of restoring their commitment to each other. Their reconciliation strengthens the relationship and they are remarried."

However, depending on the gender energy of the lead couple, the story plays out differently and teaches us something different about how conflicts arise and are resolved.



If you're interested in creating your own retelling of the Myth of Eros and Psyche with a twist and would like to see it hosted on this website, please submit a proposal letter to Achiru, the Studio Director, describing the choice of medium (text, comic, video, other), message (why) and your stage of the process (concept to execution). Achiru will be happy to discuss or advise you on your project idea. Contact info can be found at the bottom of this page.